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Boxcar Pete and the Three Blind Mice

Boxcar Pete had been working for the railroad for 45 years and was just one day away from retirement. He was a rough individual, but he also had a heart of gold. Over the years, he had to remove many transients, or hobos from the empty boxcars, but would always offer a bit of advice, a reassuring pat on the back and possibly a few dollars to help them out.

Each day, he would show up for work in his coveralls, the same hat he had been wearing for those 45 years and check the box cars in out-going trains for hobo's or anyone else possibly trying to steal a lift to a nearby city. Although he was only one day away from retirement, that morning was no different than any other.

Walking along the tracks checking the empty box cars, one by one, peering in from the door and then closing it, he heard something peculiar as he approached the next box car to be checked. It was music. Beautiful music! Music like he never heard before. Curious, he crept along making sure he didn't make any noises. When he got to the door, he opened it very slowly and peered in. He was astonished at what he saw. It was three mice. One was playing a rubberband with his mouth, another played the drums on an old spool of thread with two tooth picks, and the third was playing a hollow tube made from a small ladies hair clasp. He also noticed that they had no tails.

Boxcar Pete climbed into the box car, sat and listened for a little while and then when he started to tell them how much he enjoyed their music. They stopped playing and just froze because you see, they were blind mice. He assured them that nothing would happen to them. They explained that they were on the run and had been for some time and thought the person looking for them finally caught up with them. He asked, "What happened to you?"

And they sang...

" We're three blind mice, three blind mice, you should have seen us run, we all ran after the farmers wife, who cut off our tails with a carving knife, did you ever see such a thing in your life, we' re three blind mice, three blind mice!"

Boxcar pete was so impressed, he took them home with him and promised no harm would ever come to them. He spent his retirement years on the front porch swing, with a glass of tea each night listening to his friends, the three blind mice entertain him with music from the 30's and 40's. He also had to oil them every once in awhile. Why? Because mice squeak!

After many years, Boxcar Pete said in jest as to give them comfort, "Why do mice have long tails anyways?"

To which they replied, "They would look pretty funny with long hair!"

The End

Pookie, the Purple Catapillar

This is the story of Pookie, the purple catapillar. It's not a fancy story; or a story that will bring you any sort of inner peace; but instead, a story that may help you see the forest through the trees.

This story begins one early fall day, when all the leaves on the trees were changing colors and drifting so beautifully to the floor of the forest. All the other bugs and creatures used to compliment Pookie daily on the graceful way in which she moved about and how she shared her dreams and aspirations with all of them of her floating through the air someday with the greatest of ease. Many of her friends believed her, however, there were some who scoffed and laughed at her. But she didn't mind. She just simply believed in herself and her dream.

That evening, she told everyone that she was going to climb this tree of all trees that was commonly but reverantly known as 'The Big Mamma'. This was no ordinary tree. It had been there for 1000's of years and was the tallest, the biggest, the widest, the leafiest, the branchiest tree you've ever seen! Pookie said she was going to climb it, take a nap when she got to the top, and then fly down to all who would be there for her. They threw a little going away party for her and off she climbed until she was out of site. They decided to go to their homes and wait until spring because the weather was starting to change. Some thought they would never see her again.

By the time she got to the top of The Big Mamma, the weather was really windy and getting very cold so she started to build her a caccoon on a branch to keep warm. Pookie fell asleep and when she awoke, it was a warm, sunny day. She stretched out and noticed that there was something different about herself. She had awoke with the most beautiful wings with hundreds and hundreds of different colors in them. She thought to herself, all my dreams have come true and outstretched her arms and leaped off the branch. She fluttered and floated and flew around the tree for what seemed an eternity. And when she reached the floor of the forest, there they all were clapping with tears in their eye's.

"We knew you could do it! We knew you could do it Pookie!", they shouted and screamed. Then off she flew, never to be seen again. She was a legend. So much so, they spoke of her often. They even wrote a song about her. You want to hear it? Here it goes!

(Sung to: Rock a Bye Baby)

Good little Pookie, in the tree top,
Climbed up Big Momma only to stop,
When she awoke, she spread out her wings,
And floated away to dream other dreams.

Your dreams can come true. But only if you believe in yourself and never give up on those dreams.

God Bless.

This would be a nice little story to read to your kids, or grandkids as a bedtime story. Pookie is a friend of mine.

The End

Patty Cake, The Lumberjack

Now this is a story about a lumberjack. A giant of a man he was with a heart of gold. Among the people of the lumbering town who knew him, knew they could count on him in any given circumstance.

His name was Patty Cake and when people were first introduced to him, it made them laugh, snicker or smile. Being 7 feet tall and all brawn, I can guarantee you that not too many people made fun of his name very long.

You could hear Patty Cake all day long yelling, "T I M B E R !" deep the surrounding forrests. He did this all day, everyday, for years. One day in late November, he was chopping down this 1000 foot tree and just as he was getting ready to yell T I M B E R, he noticed a birds nest far, far up in the tree. But because the tree was falling, he couldn't do anything about it until he saw that the nest was falling out of the tree as the tree was falling.

Patty Cake, having the heart of gold that he did, dropped his axe and ran to catch the falling nest. He dove for it and caught it just before it hit the ground. He noticed 3 little birdies chirping for their mommy. He smiled; turned; looked up and noticed that the tree was falling down on top of him. He stretched out his arm so the nest wouldn't get squashed, but he got squashed real good instead.

When the people of the lumber town arrived, they found him under the tree and the small nest with the birdies chirping for their mommy in his outstretched arm in his hand saving them from sure doom. They removed the tree that was on top of Patty Cake, and the birds nest from his hand. They placed the nest high up in a nearby tree. That's the way Patty Cake would have wanted it.

Then the people of the lumbering town decided to put a statue in honor of Patty Cake where he was squashed. So they all chipped in and had a famous sculpturest sculpt a beautiful 10 foot high likeness of Patty Cake with his axe over his right shoulder, one foot up on a log and a big smile on his face. In his left hand, the sculpter placed a birds nest with three birdies chirping for their Mommy as requested by the lumber towns people. The inscription on the statue read:

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Lumberjack man,
Chopped down trees as fast as you can,
For 7 feet tall you sure was blessed,
Got squashed by the tree when you saved a nest.

Now he's gone, he ain't no more,
And the way he lived, it was no chore,
When first we heard we all said, "My Gosh!",
Poor old Patty Cake, he just got squashed.

Of all the lumberjacks here and gone,
Patty Cake was the best and sure was all brawn,
He never liked to play any games,
And we never, ever made fun of his name.

Good bye Patty Cake!

When the little birdies got a little older, they gave their own special tributes to Patty Cake everyday by sitting on the his head.

The End

Tommy 'The Take Out' Turtle

Down by the river under an old oak tree there was this huge rock. Next to this rock was Tommy Turtle. Everyone called him Tommy The Take Out' Turtle because he would order his food over the phone, but by the time he got there, the restuarant was closed. He then started having his food delivered. Much quicker you know.

You see, in his shell, he had all the comforts of home. He had a couch, a refridgerator, a stove (which he never used), a telephone, a television, a bathroom and a bed. He tried to cook for himself a few times, but his shell always filled up with smoke and it was hard for him to breathe so he started calling area restaurants for take out food to be delivered. Pizza's, Chinese food, hamburgers, etc. He never ever had to leave the safety of his shell.

You may be wondering how he paid for all these food deliveries. Years before, he had a race with a hare and won it. It just so happened, he had a pretty large bet on himself when everyone else had bet on the hare and won millions. Anyways, back to the story.

Because he wasn't getting enough excersize, he began to grow and grow and grow. One day, he stood in front of the mirror, shook his head and decided to do something about it. So he wanted to jog but tried and tried to get out of shell to no avail. Each day, he tried different ways to get out. He lathered himself up with butter once, oil another time, and other lubricants but nothing worked. Then he remembered he had some WD-40 and sprayed the entrance to the shell and he squeeeeezed out. He walked around his shell and looked at it with great thought. Other animals around watched him curiously because they hadn't seen him in such a long time and he was so.... so big. He finally decided that what he needed was a bigger shell.

Just then, Tommy Turtle picked up his shell and walked past the rock and the old oak tree, along the river and up the hill to the road. Just as he started to cross the road, the hare he had beat years ago in a race asked him, "Why are you crossing the road?"

And Tommy 'The Take Out' Turtle replied... are you ready?.....

"I'm going to the Shell Station."

The End

Willie The Weather Monkey

Willy is a monkey! Everybody knows it! Everyone had seen him at one time or another at the city zoo. He had been the major attraction there for many years. It was almost like he was human. He danced and sang songs, like, 'Fly me To The Moon' and That's Amore' just to name a few. Before being captured, he was in the jungle and was a great poker player but quit because there was to many cheetahs. Then he did a stint as the jungle comic. He told people jokes.

Another talent he had was throwing darts. The trainer set up a dart board and he would just fling them darts and hit bulls eyes all day long. Folks in the crowd would yell out, "Willie! Hit a 20!" And without hesitation, he would hit a 20. "Willie! Hit a 14!" And without hesitation, he would hit a 14. He would hit any number they would request.

A trainer got an idea one evening after watching the weather report on the 10:00 news. The next day, the trainer painted different dart boards with different weather forecasts. He thought to himself that the people who gave weather reports out on TV never got the reports right anyway, so why not let Willie try.

The trainer set up the dart boards in the cage. One board had snow; another sunny; another cloudy; another rain; another partly cloudy; well, you get the idea. Then there was the dart board with the temperatures on them. Once he got them all set up, he gave Willie the darts and asked him, "What's the weather going to be like today Willie?" And Willie took a dart and threw at the dart board with snow on it. He then asked, "What is the temperature going to be Willie?" And Willie tossed the dart to the ring that had 30 degrees. And each time he was pretty much right on. It was uncanny to see this happen. It was truly uncanny!

And what a crowd he drew from this new talent! Thousands would come to see him predict the weather. One of the owners of a local TV station had seen him in action and decided to hire him and fire the old weather forecaster. Willie was given the new name of, 'Willie The Weather Monkey'. His darts and boards were to be set up and each night on TV, millions were to tune in to see him predict the weather.

On his very first day on the job, his major debut on television, he was introduced. Willie took the darts in hand tossing the first. It landed on sunshine and the second landed on 80 degrees. The news broadcaster announced that that would be the weather for tomorrow. Sunshine and 80 degrees!!! WOW!!!!

Tomorrow came and the city had 14 inches of snow and the temperature never got higher than 25. People were running down the street in shorts and t-shirts. It was quite a disaster. When people demanded an apology, none was given because after all, he was just a monkey the owner of the TV station shot back! What did they expect? And Willie sure did make a monkey out of a lot of people.

Willie was sent back to the Zoo and had many great laughs with all the other animals. Especially when he re-enacted how he took aim and threw the darts at the wrong weather dart boards. They would all go bananas! They made him honorary mayor of the zoo because Willie Monkey see, Willie Monkey do! There is only one thing smarter than a monkey and that my friends is a spelling bee. Tee hee!

The End

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