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Hi Kieto, Quite a recipe today. Could do it all,I'm sure, but easier if you cooked and had a party, for samplers! Both potato dishes sound good, tenderloin,always good,asparagus,too. Haven't cooked oxtails in ages. Hi to Mom and Ziggy. A friend from N J , M M.

You know, it is a scary thing, this election. I have always heard the lesser of two evils and this time I think I know what that means. Does one choose the known evil or the unknown? BTW, talking about scary things. I was helping a friend apply for an online Master's Degree and it asked for her "maritul" status and one of the categories listed was "seperated". That was even hard for me to type. LOL I guess we are getting back the results of our society and where the emphases are placed. I bet they do not misspell permissiveness or lack of responsibility. Sigh. What do you think about the Presidential candidates? Betty Ann

Hi Kieto! Boy you aren't kidding about Bingo being serious business! That's why I don't go very often either. Once you've had a blue haired lady come after you with her cane, you tend to become a little bingo-shy! Plus, did you ever notice how they yell at those poor number callers? Faster, slower, shake 'em up! It gets pretty scary sometimes! For now I think I'll leave the Bingo for the heartier, 70+ crowd! Thanks for another great Wacky Thursday story! ~Marie from Buffalo

Love your site and your newsletter. It's really cool for me because I'm blind, cant' read print cookbooks, and braille ones tend to get messed up. But, I can quickly print a recipe from the web in braille or just read it from my computer. If the braille copy gets messed up ... no biggy. This way, too, my library of recipes takes up no space -- just bits on a hard drive. Matt

What I wanted to say is that you have done a wonderful job and I am enjoying all your recipes and jokes...and I am from New Jersey. Thank You for all of your hard work and long hours to bring your Happiness to each and everyone. Bonnie/New Jersey
WOW...YIPPEE...Can you hear the excitement in my typing? When I opened my email I had a total of 16 new subscribers to my newsletter. Sometimes I'm a little slow and this was one of those times...I thought WOW look at all the subscribers (I usually just get them in dribs and drabs - whatever that means) anyway I was wondering what the heck was happening. Then like a bolt of lightening it hit me!!! This was as a result of your newsletter. Thank you so much!!!! This is great I never expected this!!!!! Sandra/Chesapeake Bay
I am a new subscriber and just want to tell you that you are the highlight of my day. I look forward each day to your recipe and your funny text. I read aloud to my fellow co-workers your hilarious comments each day. Please continue!! Also -- I have forwarded your e-mail link to all of my friends as I am sure they will enjoy you as much as I do and subscribe. Carolyn
Congratulations on your 1st anniversary and exceeding your target of 1,000 subscribers. Kheng/Singapore
I just *had* to drop you a short note, telling you how much I really enjoy your recipes, humor, and well...just your emails in general. They really brighten up my day. :) Please don't ever stop sending these wonderful things to my inbox!! Isha
CONGRATS on one year with your newsletter!! My only regret is that I've just recently discovered you and the website and links! CURSES!! =-) I am now a ringleader and I'm going to pass your culinary wisdom to my friends/family that aren't interested in nothin' but a recipe to fix. I'll be watching! Cook on, my grandmaster chef!!! Kim
Dear sir: I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your link. I have forwarded your link to a few of my friends as well as my daughter. Here in lies the problem. They have entered the address in their browser but they keep getting a message which states error in url. Please advise how they might correct this so they can enjoy your wonderful sense of life and the joy of your songs as well as the mouthwatering recipes.Thank you in advance, I remain an avid reader - Pate
I have thoroughly enjoyed my year of recipes, interesting websites, and some corny, some clever, and some laugh-out-loud funny jokes. I look forward to your daily emails. I wish you much continued success with your web page, and thank you for brightening my work days. Toni

I subscribed a month ago, and although I subscribe to many newsletters, this is the best. And although I've just been receiving this wonderful ezine for 1 month, I feel I know you. Your personal touch makes this more than just a ezine full of unorganized advertisements. Beth

Kieto, I must say. I really enjoy your newsletter. To be honest, I like about 50% of your recipes, and even less the jokes, if that's what you want to call them :), but I just enjoy reading it. I get about 10 a day, and this one, by far, is the best. Keep up the good work. John/New York

I have received hundreds of wonderful comments about my newsletter and just wanted to list a few. I hope you subscribe and become a part of tis wonderful family! Thank You! Kieto