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Hop Along Cassidy:
The Mild Mannered Short Haired
White Rabbitt by Kieto

Everyday about three in the afternoon, Cassidy, a mild mannered short haired white rabbitt, hopped along past this big oak tree with Chester the Wise Old White Owl perched on a limb not too far above the ground. Cassidy would stop each day at the tree, look up, and say, "Waz up big guy?"

To which Chester the Wise Old White Owl would reply, "The question would be little white rabbitt, 'How are you today?', or, 'What are you doing today?' I have no idea what you ask me so hop along Cassidy."

Cassidy would then strug his little shoulders and hop off to visit other friends and strangers. But one thing for sure, each and every little animal or bug in the forrest who knew or didn't even know Cassidy would stop and talk about everything and anything.

One day, he asked Floyd the Grasshopper why Chester the Wise Old White Owl was so unfriendly to which Floyd the Grasshopper explained to Cassidy about the well educated bird.

"He was educated at Hoot College, became a professor, taught, and now he just doesn't give a hoot anymore. He sneezes alot up there in that tree because he has owllergies. He's an old grouch and I just avoid him and fly and hop and go around him. You should do the same," warned Floyd the Grasshopper.

"But everyone needs a friend and I'm just the silly wabbitt who can do it!" Cassidy then hopped off waving goodbye to Floyd the Grasshopper.

Cassidy went back to the tree and saw Chester the Wise Old White Owl perched on a limb not too far above the ground. Cassidy looked up, and said, "Waz up big guy?"

To which Chester the Wise Old White Owl rolled his eyes and replied, "Hop along Cassidy!"

He strugged his little shoulders and hopped off never to return to the tree again. But it wasn't long before Chester the Wise Old White Owl started getting worried and went to look for Cassidy.

He did and apologized and they became real good friends after that and hung out together all the time and each time Cassidy saw him he would say, "Waz up big guy?"

Chester the Wise Old White Owl would reply "t'ain't nuttin doin bro! Waz up wid you!" And when Chester the Wise Old White Owl left Cassidy he would say, "Owl be seeing you later!!!

Which goes to show you, you're only as smart as the people you hang with. Cassidy from that point on became known as Hop Along Cassidy.

The End. tee hee....

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