Incase of Pandemic or other Disasters

Here is a list of supplies you might need in an emergency situation, in addition to your water purifier, emergency radio, flashlights, and protective masks.

You might not need some of these things if you are indoors. But what if you have to leave? The idea that your family could be quarantined in an area where there is looting and civil unrest is especially troubling. Mend any holes in your home security.

This list has many suggestions, but of course every family has different needs and wants, not to mention different age groups. Just be sure that you have separate 'to-go' bags that are easily accessible with absolute necessities in them, and of course, water and your water purifier. Many of these items are already in your house, it's just a matter of organization. You will need safety masks for any trips outside.

*You need cash hidden in the house, if you possibly can. If the electricity is down, the ATM's will be down, and ATM's are manually filled with money by workers. As contagion spreads, banks will be closed along with other businesses. Also, banks will be harbors for infection due to the degree of money handling.

*Gas in cars, always. (Ask the people trying to escape hurricane Rita)

*Non-electric can opener

*Clorox, plain kind
*Dishwashing detergent
*Small scrubbie
*Paper Towels
*Toilet paper, a very important item

*Long-snout type lighters
*Portable heater
*Emergency lighting
*Camp stove & fuel
*Games, playing cards, craft supplies, hobby supplies, free word games and other games off the net

*Containers, including at least one 5 gallon or similar bucket (emergency potty and many other uses)
*Plastic bags, different sizes, including large ones, many uses
*Duct tape
*Disposable plates, forks, spoons, hot and cold cups
*Cooking pots and a few utensils (in case you are forced to leave)
*Hand beater, non-electric, like in the old days (many uses including mixing dry milk)
*Ziplock bags
*Aluminum foil

*Extra set of car keys
*Sleeping bags or plenty of blankets
*Sturdy shoes
*Glasses, sunglasses
*Clothes pins
*Clothes line rope and other rope (multiple uses)
*Surgical type gloves
*Work gloves
*A little shovel (what if the potty doesn't work.. and other uses)
*A small saw, tools or toolkit
*Non-electric clock or watch
*Duct Tape and sheet plastic
*Mylar type emergency blankets (good over windows, too)

*Purell or generic alcohol gel hand cleaner (Very Important)
*Nail brush
*Wipes or baby wipes, refills are usually cheaper (get several kinds, brands smell differently)
*Bug repellent, skin type
*Insect killers, flying insect type also
*Shaving supplies
*Nail clippers
*Toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss
*Tampons or other sanitary needs
*No-rinse face wash, like Cetaphil (generic OK)

*Mop bucket with wringer to use as a washing machine (Dollar Stores, discount store, inexpensive)
*Maps, atlas
*Metal garbage can to burn trash
*Paper and pen
*A Sharpie type waterproof marker
*Note paper
*Photocopies of important documents such as birth certificates, drivers' licenses and so on for the entire family
*A cell phone charger, if you have a phone. Even when phone service was available, many Katrina survivors could not call out because their phones were dead and there was no power. When phone service is bad, small text messages can sometimes get through.
*A corded phone, they don't need electricity like a cordless phone
*Camping toilet, or perhaps your family has a bedside potty stored?
*Generator (nice to have, but remember, there may be limited or no gasoline)
*Solar panels and battery system (expensive)
*Oil lamps and pure lamp oil
*Coleman lanterns with fuel & mantels
*Items for self protection
*Good locks on doors and windows
*Water containers
*Gasoline containers
*Hatchet or Axe

*Wound closure strips
*Gauze and tape
*Band aids
*Betadine or Hibiclens to wash injuries
*Anesthetic, like Lanacaine or Solarcaine
*Imodium (generic is fine and cheaper)
*Tylenol or Ibuprofen
Vitamin C, Ester-C, or Emergen-C
*Extra bottles or packages of all of your regular prescriptions, B.C. pills
*Contact lens solution
*Antibiotic ointment

*Supplies for babies, toddlers, and older folks

*Pet food and supplies (Pet birds, kept indoors, are NO risk to you)

Camp stoves:
Cast Iron Double Burner Propane Stove
Cast Iron Triple Burner Propane Stove
Heavy Duty Single Burner Propane Stove
Morrone Outdoor Double Burner Propane Stove

Of course, you'll add to the list depending on your preferences. Good luck with your preps, and please send these lists to others.

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