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About Diabetes

Diabetic Cooking Facts

Diabetes is a common illness these days with many people of all ages being diagnosed. Therefore many of us have someone we know with diabetes. To some people having a diabetic over for a meal is rather daunting. Well this need not be. As long as you remember that natural is better and sugar can be replaced. There is a wealth of substitute sugars on the market world wide. These may be used in dessert cooking with wonderful results. But if you are not sure there is a Diabetic Council in almost all countries, so don’t be afraid to call them for a diet brochure. With most Diabetic councils these brochures are free or advice can be given over the phone.

Some wonderful substitutes are natural fruit juices. For example, in salads use a fruit juice rather than prepared salads dressings. Apricot nectar is great in a coleslaw. Orange juice is wonderful with grated carrot and cheese with a few raisins (this is a salad on its own and it very tasty and colourful on the table).

When catering for diabetics choose the fresh fruit and vegetable recipes with a moderate portion of meat. There are only three things to remember, Fresh, Low Fat and Low Sugar. Keep this in mind and you can't go wrong. A fresh fruit platter is a great dessert.

A lot of people who know diabetics and who have catered for them, have readjusted their cooking and eating styles to the same type of diet. It is healthier, very nutritious and very tasty. The only difference between what people are normally used to and what a diabetic can eat is the amount of sugar used. Nearly all fruit and vegetables have a natural supply of sugars in them, sufficient to cater to any bodies needs. Although some do require a little extra sugar which can be gained from desserts or the odd treat.

No matter what ailments people may have cooking and eating need never be bland or boring. With the many nations we have in our world and the variety of foods it is easy to find cheap easy and healthy alternatives.

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