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Religious Music

These are just a few of the many songs in the Members Section.

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I am Minister of Music at St. Roch's Church in St. Louis. I've been in church choirs since I was 10 years old and God has blessed me plenty. I look forward to going to Church every Sunday to play the piano and sing wih a great group of ladies who also share their talents with their church. Here are just a few of the many that are my favorites. I am singing harmony with myself on several of these songs. I tried to teach my cat, Ziggy, but she can't even pronounce meow right (but I love her anyway). Enjoy.

religious music

Panis Angelicus: Cesar Franck 1882-1890
Cesar Franck was the organist and choirmaster of Sainte Clothilde in Paris, France. This piece is from his Mass in A and was inserted between the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei. I've been signing this wonderful piece all my life and it brings back such wonderful memories. I am singing here and arranged the piece on both my Roland D-20's. I am also the echo voice you will hear.

Panis Angelicus: Louis Lambillotte 1796-1855
Receive, O Christ, into Thy choirs above him who sang the praises of Jesus and Mary, and rescued the music of Gregory from the darkness of ages. These are the words on the tombstone of Lambillotte written by his contemporaries to reflect his many contributions and changes to the way music evolved in the Church. I sing four part harmony with myself acapella.
You are Mine
I've sung this piece of music on many a Sunday with the ladies. It truly says what our relationship is to God, our Father and how we should approach him. Do not be afraid I am with you...
Come O Lord
Come, O Lord and set us free! At St. Ambrose Church in St. Louis, the choir and I did this Advent song for years. It has a lot of syncopation in it and was a fun song to do.
The Lord Is My Light
The Lord is my light and my salvation. When your faith seems to slip a little, and it will from time to time, I hope this will get you back in the groove. This song has an emotional tie to me. I sang it at my Uncle Mike's Funeral.
Precious Body, Precious Blood
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave his life for us. He knew where he was going, what was going to happen and at the last supper, shared his Blood and Body with his friends.
Something Which Is Known
Something which is known to have been from the beginning. This we have heard, and seen with our own eyes. Alleluia, Alleluia. I'm singing some 3 part harmony here.
Oh God You Search Me
God knows us individually and has a personal relationship with each and every one of us no matter what we do. We are his children, the sheep of his flock. No matter where you are in life or what you are doing, He will wait for you and welcome you with open arms. That you can take to the bank.
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace is just what we need. I once was lost and now I'm found. We are lost many times through our lives, but God is patient. It's funny isn't it? Turning over your life to God as you understand Him is so easy and opens so many doors. Life is life. Life without God is lost life but can be found through Him.

Christian and Religious Music performed by Keith Ballentine.


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