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Mardi Gras 2006!!!

Click the picture below to download my arrangement of
'A Closer Walk With Thee' Dixieland style.
I hope you enjoy it for it was alot of fun to to do!

Click the jesters above to hear...
'When the Saints Go Marching In!'

New Orleans, under French rule, starts celebrating pre-Lenten balls
Late 1700s

Spain takes over and bans the balls. What do you expect from a country that started the Inquisition?

United States assumes ownership of New Orleans as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The ban continues.

Creoles finally get Americans to reinstate balls. 1827 Masking on the street becomes legal.

A group of costumed revelers walk the street in the first documented "parade."

The Mistick Krewe of Comus is formed by six upscale Orleanians. It's still a haven for local bluebloods, but had a lot to do with shaping Mardi Gras: The group coined the term "krewe" for its secret organization, presented a themed parade with floats and costumed riders and staged a tableau ball.

The Russian Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff decides to come to the Mardi Gras, and a civic-minded group forms a krewe they call Rex at least partially in his honor. Soon, Rex becomes king of Carnival, and an international symbol of the holiday. Rex, too, shaped a lot of traditions, like organizing the first daytime parade and deciding that Carnival colors would be purple, green and gold.

The first Carnival marching club, the Jefferson City Buzzards, is formed.

The first black Mardi Gras organization, the Original Illinois Club, is formed. It's still going strong.

The first female Mardi Gras organization, Les Mysterieuses, is formed. It's long gone.

Zulu, which has been poking informal fun at Rex for almost a decade, is officially incorporated. The first king rules with a banana stalk scepter and a lard can crown. Rex arrives at the city via steamboat, Zulu via oyster lugger.

Alla becomes the first group to parade on the West Bank.

The Krewe of Venus becomes the first parade to have all-female riders. Crowds hurl refuse at the maskers on board.

Carnival canceled during World War II

Louis Armstrong rides as king of Zulu.

Real royalty - the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - bow to mock royalty - the king and queen of Comus - at the Comus ball.

The upstart new Krewe of Bacchus changes Carnival by naming a Hollywood celebrity - Danny Kaye - its king and launching its parade with the biggest floats ever to hit the streets. It proved instantly popular, and was copied by other new krewes.
Rex resurrects the idea of Lundi Gras, an official arrival to the city on "Fat Monday," the day before Fat Tuesday, which the krewe had observed from 1874 to 1917.

New Orleans enacts a city ordinance requiring all parading krewes to open their private membership. Comus, Momus and Proteus protest by canceling their parades (forever). Rex opens membership to blacks, as many other krewes already had done.

Native son Harry Connick Jr. helps create Carnival's latest show-stopping organization, the Krewe of Orpheus.

Download this 'A Closer Walk With Thee' for your PC! Click Here!!
Mardi Gras - The History of Mardi Gras, Dixieland music, and a Bourbon Street game to enjoy!


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