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My life as a watermellon!
Have you ever had the feeling you were something else in another life?
Well... I have a time or 3!
Read all about it!!


The Trial of the Century!
Read all about how they tricked me into coming down to the courthouse. I thought I had Jury Duty, but it turned out to be something entirely different! I got arrested and went on trial for dear life! Read all about it!!


For all I had was fifty cents! Now here's a funny poem that will put a smile on your face! I wrote the music to this cute ditty. Listen while you read and you can laugh aloud! Me and My Gal!


He's A Trashman! I am a procrastinator and I only empty my trash when I have to. Don't ask me why. I missed the trashman again and I wrote the words and music to this song. Maybe if I sing it once in awhile, it will make me empty the trash more often.It's funny! He's A Trashman!


Would you like to do some research on your family history? Are you looking for someone you haven't seen in years? Well, here's a page just for you! Plenty of Resources!
Click Here to begin your journey into the past.


Just For Kids....
Click on the funny clowns in this section 'Just For Kids' and you can play games, read stories, learn some funny jokes and riddles and even hear some Bugs Buggy stuff! Click Here!

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