Kieto's Dry Rub Seasoning, a special blend of spices and herbs, came together after years of trying various measurements and ingredients. Now, it is enjoyed the world over on meats, poultry, soups and salads...even when you are making bread. You get the ingredients at the store, mix them per the recipe, put them in a container and use to your hearts content.

Not only do you get the recipe for the ingredients to Kieto's Dry Rub Seasoning, you get 10 fantastic recipes for FREE that call for this terrific blend of seasonings.

Recipes like... Kieto's St. Louie BBQ Ribs, and Kieto's Recipe For St. Louis BBQ Sauce, Chicken Marsala, Kieto's Sauces and Stocks, plus 6 more fantastic tasty recipes using this Dry Rub Seasoning. Not one spice over powers the others! Truly a unique experience! But don't stop there! Be creative! Invent your own recipes! Let your imagination flow in that kitchen of yours! If you love to cook, or love to grill, this special blend of seasonings should be at your side at all times.

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