Chef Kieto's Dry Rub Seasoning Recipe

Kieto's Family Fun Center
Chef Kieto Valentino’s Secret Dry Rub Recipe & BBQ Seasonings: The Italian Musician, Former Restaurant Owner & TV Cooking Show Host showcases his family recipes & music! Join the Kitchen Club for just $10 and receive the dry rub recipe along with 25 super recipes using it; Kieto's Grandfather Secret Sicilian BBQ Sauce recipe and 25 Italian Cookie recipes. The Kitchen Club is loaded with all kinds of things other than recipes the whole family can enjoy. Click Here to Join today!
Welcome to our Family Fun Center, This is one site on the Internet you don't have to worry about your kids and what they may see. There are lots of recipes. Recipes for appetizers, salads and soups, main courses, desserts, and more. There are low fat, low carb recipes and even recipes for diabetics. There's food information on coffee, meat, seafood, and food safety tips.
In the Kitchen Club, you'll find not only tons of recipes, but the recipe for my secret ingredients for my Dry Rub Seasoning, my Grandfathers recipe for Sicilian BBQ Sauce and 25 super Italian Cookie Recipes. Individually, I use to sell them for $10.00 a piece and have done quite well over the last 10 years. You cannot find my recipes anywhere else on the Internet! You cannot find my music anywhere else on the Internet!

Now, for just $10.00, you get everything plus so much more. Click here to see for yourself. has short, clean funny jokes as well as limericks, funny polls, parodies and lots of funny stories. Then, there's the freemusic section. It has some popular songs, religious songs, Italian songs and surprises sung by Kieto himself!
Oh, and while you are here, play some free on-line games! There's a section just for the kids too! There are some special pages created by Kieto for your enjoyment too!

There's a special pages on what to do in case of a pandemic; information on Mesothelioma; staying out of a self-created fat prison; and losing weight the safe way; healthy eating; the Avian Flu; Diabetese and if you survive all of that, then there's a special page on how to get rich like Lee Iacocca.
This is a family web site. However, we realize in these days and times, the divorce rate in the US has climbed over the last few years. We here at know that there are single parents who have to work and support their children. That means in some cases that they are left at home alone. After over 10 years, has strived to maintain a web site for young and old alike. If you should happen to see anything on this site that is questionable, please contact us. If you are going through a divorce and are in need of the best divorce lawyers in Atlanta, GA. visit, is just a taste of what is in the Kitchen Club. There are recipes, jokes, music, stories, games and lots to do here. But like I said, it's just a taste of what's in The Kitchen Club. So, sign up today and you will NOT be disappointed.

Have fun and let me know what you think of the newly designed web site.
Visit our Feedback Page. I'd appreciate it. Enjoy yourself.

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