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Really Short Clean Jokes!

What did the dog say to the little child pulling his tail? ? I Dunno.

These are a collection of my favorite limericks, jokes and humourous stories. The humourous story below is one of my favourites. It's titled, "Too Much!" Just click on the link and a pop-up window will come up. There is a close button in the window for convience. Have a Ha Ha time!

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Too Much!

Pat O'Rorke and Mick McDoogle were best friends. And both married to their High School sweethearts for going on 20 years. Pat and Mick decided to go out on the town to belt down a few for St. Patrick. They both had two too many and were walking down the sidewalk, arm and arm, singing and stumbling about losing their balance here and there.

Pat stops Mick and says,
"Mick, me old pal, if we go home in this condishion, our schweethearts will never talk to us again."
"And they'll be mad too" Mick says.
With that, they continue on a bit further, when Mick says,
"See the Hotel over there?"
"Yessssir", Pat replies. "Let's get a room and tell 'r wives dat we had a bit o'bad luck with the car and stay at the Hotel. What's do ya say? Good Idea, Patty me ol buddy?"

Pat, surprised at the concept, agrees. So they both stumble into the Hotel and get a room. They get up to the floor of the room, and have a heck of a time walking down the hallway, arm and arm, still singing, waking up the other guests. When they find their room, they have a time trying to get the key in the door. When they finally do, they can't find the light switch. And in the dark, not being able to see, and ready to pass out anyway, fall into the same bed together and fall asleep. 20 minutes later, Mick calls out...

"Patty me buddy!"
"Yea Mickey me pal!"says Pat.
"Somebodys in me bed!" Mick suspicious and cautiously remarks.
"Ye know patty, someones in me bed too!"
Pat replies, "I'm sleeping by myself. Don't know who it is, but I'm kicking their butt!"
"Me too!" says Mick.
And a big fight takes place until Pat kicks Mick out of bed onto the floor.
"How ye do Mick?" asks Pat.
"Not so good me buddy Patty. He was stronger and kicked me out of bed and I'm on the floor!"
"That's OK Mick! You can come sleep with me!"

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Clean Jokes - Really short clean jokes and stories.


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