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The Clean Joke Pages

What's So Funny???

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I know that it is very very hard work to constantly produce the stories, recipes, etc, but I also know that you enjoy entertaining people, and touching so many individuals with you humor.

But Please Subscribers, give the guy the measley $14.95. In my opinion that wouldn't even pay for all of the laughs and enjoyments that I have already experienced by being a free subscriber up til now!! I really can't believe that people are that cheap!!! Get on the bandwagon and help Kieto out by subscribing. It is worth every penny! Phil B. in Afton, Mo.

Oh! Welcome to the laughing section of the!

The Funny Pages

Here's a list of all you can find in the funny bone section of!

New Jokes

A great variety of humor! New stuff!!!

Over 3 whole pages of them!!

Archived Jokes

All the good jokes I had on this site for a long time until my friends made me change it. As if I have nothing else better to do. hehehe.

Wacky Stories

  • Yodeling Yolanda
  • Big Dill Pickle and the County Fair
  • Hilarious Harold The Hitchhiking Fly
  • Patty Cake The Lumberjack
  • Theodore Thumbleweed
  • Little Old Joe
  • A Story...
  • Polls and Parodies

  • " I'm Look Over A Sprig Of Parsley" From...
    "I'm Look Over A 4 Leaf Clover "
  • "I've Got You, Mr. Potato Skin" From
    "I've Got You Under My Skin"
  • "Anchovies" From, "Feelings"
  • "I Can See Clearly Now The Smoke Is Gone" From...
    "I Can See Clearly Now"
  • "My Sauce a Brewing Blues" From
  • __________________________

    My life as a watermellon!
    Have you ever had the feeling you were something else in another life? Well... I have a time or 3! Read all about it!!
    Some of the funniest, cleanest, humorus jokes, limericks and stories you'll ever hear!


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