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Chef Kieto Valentino’s Secret Dry Rub Recipe & BBQ Seasonings: The Italian Musician, Former Restaurant Owner & TV Cooking Show Host showcases his family recipes & music! Join the Kitchen Club for just $10 and receive the dry rub recipe along with 25 super recipes using it; Kieto's Grandfather Secret Sicilian BBQ Sauce recipe and 25 Italian Cookie recipes. The Kitchen Club is loaded with all kinds of things other than recipes the whole family can enjoy. Click Here to Join today!
Music, Music and more Music!

Welcome to the Free Music Section of! Anytime you want to check out another music page, the links are on the bottom! There are Italian, popular, religious, and original songs by Kieto. There's even a John Phillip Sousa March section to get you up and marching! Or, how about one of Kieto's favorite artists, Enya, to you relax! Or, how about another of Kieto's favorites, Tears For Fears to get you rockin and rollin. But Kieto's favorite page has to be his Music Parodies page. Those songs certainly will either put a smile on your face, or make your eyes go around in circles.

the Kitchen Club and not only hear all these songs, but so many more. Including histories and biographies of some of the most well known music legends of our time. Click here to join and to more.

So, just sit back and get comfortable at your PC! on the songs. Let Kieto entertain you ! When you hear harmony, it's him! He even got his cat Ziggy to sing with him on a couple of songs. And believe it or not, Ziggy even tooted her clarinet on a few songs. Just Click on the image to where you want to go! Enjoy!

Italian Pop: Here are some Italian and some pop songs from the past! I've been playing professionally for many years and these are just a few of my favorites. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Parodies: Familiar tunes with a funny twist! Like to laugh? Like to laugh out loud? Well, here you go.

Religious: These are a few of my favorite pieces from church. I even sing harmony on a few of these. I am Minister of Music at St. Rochs Church here in St. Louis.

J. P. Sousa: How about a good march from J.P.Sousa! I know that Colonel Bogey wasn't written by J.P. Sousa by the way.

Original songs by Kieto Original: I love to write my own music! Next to cooking, it's my love. I love to especially write inspirational music for the church. Ever feeling down and/or stressed out? Listen to these to pick you up.

Holiday songs. Holiday: In the Holiday spirit? New Years; Easter; Mother's Day and Father's Day and a whole lot more! Enjoy!!

My favorite rock group, Tears for Fears. Rock to TTF: Kick back and rock to Tears For Fears! I like this group because it takes me back to those days I could dance without falling down.

I listen to Enya while I sit at my PC. Relax with Enya:Now, sit back and relax to the sounds of Enya! I listen to Enya while I work at the PC sometimes.

Kieto's Italian Favorites

Italian Music Favorites

My Italian CD, "Italian Favorites" is finished and ready to be shipped to you. It includes songs like, Oh Sole Mio, Arrivederci Roma, Ce La luna, Eh Cumpari, Torna Surriento, a very special Italian Song I wrote called, Splende La Luna and many more. $14.95 includes shipping and handling. Click the Pay Pal button below to receive this wonderful collection of Italian Favorites. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for CD to arrive. Click here for a quick listen.

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