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Kieto's Sicilian Style BBQ Sauce

Kieto's Sicilian Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe is a recipe he grew up with. Have you ever been driving down the street and smelled those aromas floating through the air and thought to yourself, "Man, that sure does smell great! I wish my barbecue could smell like that!"

There is a difference in what you use to make your meats taste and smell terrific. This recipe is unique in as much you will never find this in the store unless I put it there one day.

My Grandfather, Rossario Licare, came up with this truly unique blend of spices, herbs, and liquids making whatever you barbecue not only turn out great, but make your neighbors and others driving around wonder where those wonderful aromas are coming from. My Grandfather's sauce was thin, I remember, and he use it to baste throughout the end of the grilling process. When there was a flame, he would throw white vinegar on it steaming the meat and tenderizing it at the same time.

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BBQ Jokes

A lady went into her local hardware store and bought two instant barbeques - the ones with the pictures of succulent foods on the lid.

The next day, she returned one of these to the customer service desk at the store complaining that there was no food inside! The assistant patiently told her that these were just barbeque trays and that the food was not supplied with them.

"Oh dear" said the lady. "I'd better take the other one out of the freezer then"!

Paddy goes to the builder's merchants and asks for 3,500,000 bricks.

"What on earth are you building, Patrick?" asks the bloke behind the counter.

"A barbeque." replies Paddy.

"Three and a half million bricks for a barbie! Are you sure?"

"Yes, I live on the fourteenth floor"

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