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This is the wacky story of our journey.
Wake Up Kieto and Ziggy!!!

It begins here in St. Louis. It's 5am and Ziggy is shaking her tail in my face again to wake me up. See, Ziggy is my cat and my friend but when it comes to waking me up in her no nonsense approach when she's hungry, she tests our friendship everytime. But I get past it though. I love my buddy.

The night before, I showed her my plans for a Wacky Culinary Trip Around The World. She was so excited. All she could meow about was what she had seen on TV on the National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. It begins today and I thought we would hitchhike to New York.

But first, we first decided to have toast for breakfast. Now, if you really need a recipe for toast, e-mail me. But I I usually just put a few slices of bread in the toaster.

After breakfast, she brought her little suitcase downstairs and set it next to my backpack. I said, "Got everything ya need there ol' pal?" And she meowed yes.

We locked the door behind us and walked down the street to Hy44 and stuck our thumbs out and got a ride right away. We were dropped off in Springfield, Illinois. The we got a ride that dropped us off in Indianapolis, Indiana. From there, it was on to Boston, Massachusetts and then New York City, New York.

We stayed in this fly by night motel. But thats ok. We couldn't sleep anyway. We were so excited. Here's the map of our journey around the world and the places we went.

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