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Day 48 - Trenton, New Jersey

When we landed in Trenton, New Jersey, there wasn't anyone to meet us. Or, so we thought. I told Ziggy that we should hit the Capitol Building first and there they were.

Marion M. and Jacob, Wendy, and Betty W., walked up to the cab and of course, hugs and hellos all around. They asked Ziggy what kind of hat she had for New Jersey and again, she did not disappoint. Or did she?

We were all bewildered and just looked at each other scratching our heads. There were more than a few moments of silence. Then Marion exclaimed, "I know! It's an old Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Cap!"

I leaned over and said, "Ziggy, The Brooklyn Dodgers are no longer in New Jersey. They are in Los Angeles. They're called the Los Angeles Dodgers!"

To which she meowed back, "Yea, but I'm all about history this trip and they used to be here!" Jacob laughed and took Ziggy by the paw and off they went.

Everyone laughed and off we we followed close behind.

They really had a trip planned for us. First, we went to Princetown University. Betty told us, "The original building on campus was built in 1756. It served as a barracks and hospital during the Revolutionary War. It now encompasses over 1,600 acres and a wide variety of architecture is represented. Also, Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell on March 18, 1837 (he was the 22nd and 24th US)."

Next, it was on to Thomas Edisons' home. Wendy told us, "West Orange, NJ This was Edison's home from 1886 until his death in 1931. This Queen Anne-style mansion contains original furnishings with Edison's "thought bench" located on the second floor - this is where he conceived many of his inventions."

Yo Kieto," Marion said, "Did you also know that New Jersey was known as the Garden State?"

"Yes, " she said, "Tomatoes, corn, and peaches, all the best. Probably the most intense promotion of this nickname for New Jersey began when the legislature voted to add the legend "Garden State" to New Jersey license plates in 1954, in spite of the Governor's refusal to sign the bill, in part because he said 'New Jersey is noted for its great strides in manufacturing, mining, commerce, construction, power, transportation, shipping, merchandising, fishing and recreation, as well as in agriculture. I do not believe that the average citizen of New Jersey regards his state as more peculiarly identifiable with gardening for farming than any of its other industries or occupations.' But he lost, we won, and it's the Garden State."

"OK folks, we're hungry. What do you suggest?" I asked.

Little Jacob said, "I think Ziggy would want some New Jersey Turkey Scallopine with Pecans and Apples."

I couldn't believe my ears. Jacob is only 18 months old and he could pronounce Scallopine. Hmmm. Man they're smart up here in New Jersey! Let's go eat!

This recipe is good any time of year. If you make this during the Summertime, serve it with your favorite salsa. I love to take a cut of this and scoop up something cold. Believe it or not, this recipe is great to take on a picnic with a nice bottle of Merlot Red Wine. hmmm. Here's the recipe.

New Jersey Turkey Scallopine with Pecans and Apples
Serves 6

Flour seasoned with salt & pepper
2 large Jersey Fresh eggs, beaten lightly
2 cups fresh bread crumbs mixed with 3 cups finely chopped pecans
1-1/2 pounds turkey scallopine, pounded thin (ask butcher)
1 Jersey Fresh apple, peeled, cored, halved, and sliced 1/8 inch thick
3 TBS unsalted butter
3 TBS vegetable oil
1 cup chicken stock
2 TBS water
strips of orange rind for garnish
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 tsp cornstarch
Jersey Fresh parsley, chopped

Dredge turkey in flour mixture, shaking off excess, dip in eggs, then coat with bread crumb mixture. In large skillet, sauté apple over moderately high heat in 1/2 TBS butter and 1/2 TBS oil for 2 minutes, (until crisp-tender), transfer to a platter and keep warm, covered.

Cook turkey in the skillet (in batches) over moderate heat in remaining butter and oil for 1 to 2 minutes on each side (until it is just firm to the touch). Transfer to the platter and keep warm, covered.

Wipe out the pan, add the orange juice and the chicken stock and boil until reduced by half.

In a small bowl, whisk cornstarch with 2 TBS water and add to sauce.

Salt and pepper to taste; bring mixture to a boil.

Arrange turkey and apple slices on a platter, spoon sauce over turkey, garnish with parsley and orange rind.

There once was a turkey from Jersey,
Who never saw a baseball game to date,
Why you might ask was the question to be,
Cause he ended up on my picnic plate.


After dinner, we had to say our good-byes to Marion, Jacob, Betty, and Wendy. They were so nice to us and we really appreciated them showing us around. There was so much more to see, but we did have to get going.

We're taking a train over to Pennsylvania because we wanted to see more of the countryside. Fortunately, the rains have been over for now but it is a bit hot and humid. At least we don't have to iron our clothes. We can just put something on and run around in circles. Before ya know, everything looks like it just came form the cleaners. hehehe. See ya in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Monday morning!!


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