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Yodeling Yolanda by Kieto

High above the mountain village of Gildersville, on a hill laced with lavendar and daisies lived a lady named Yolanda. Yolanda would wake each morning and go out to the edge of the hill and yodel a song to the people of Gildersville below letting them know it was not only 6am, but time to get up and/or start the day.

She had done this for many many years. Actually, she had been doing it since she was a little girl. Each and every day, rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine, Yolanda would yodel her good morning song.

No one had ever seen her except for Roy Roundtree, a glass blower who lived in the town and knew her parents well. He would bring her food and anything else she wanted.

But to the townspeople, she was a mystery.

People often talked about Yolanda and even gossiped and sometimes, even made jokes about her. Jokes like, Yolanda was a bit off key this morning. Or, Yolanda must be 100 years old by now and they would all laugh.

Fact of the matter was, no one ever took the time to climb the mountain to meet her. No one except Roy Roundtree.

One morning, a little before 6 o'clock, high above the town in the mountains, Yolanda was making her daily trek to the edge of the mountain.

In the town below, many of the towns people were gathering at the local diner for their morning coffee and danish. At 5 minutes to 6, they all started with their questions and comments about Yolanda.

"Well, I guess Yolanda will be yodeling soon. Yolanda sure is a mystery," quipped one customer.

"I wonder what she looks like and why she likes to yodel." asked another customer.

"Yodel? You call that yodeling? Sounds to me like someone has a cat by the tail!" replied another.

Everyone laughed.

It just so happened, Roy Rountree was sitting in a nearby booth enjoying a cup of coffee and a danish.

He took a sip of coffee and said, "I've known Yolanda for many years. I bring her food and supplies each week and she is a very nice woman."

"She is very smart. She is very beautiful. She is funny, witty, remarkably caring and loves to yodel. She's been living in the mountains as far back as I can remember. Her parents and grandparents taught her to yodel when she was just a little girl and I guess you can say that she's been doing it now going on 75 years!"

Just then, someone began a countdown to the 6am hour. "10, 9, 8, 7,..."

Unbeknownest to the townspeople below, Yolanda was stepping closer to the edge of the mountain high above the town as she had for many years to yodel her morning yodel.

As she opened her mouth to yodel, a terrific wind came along and knocked her over the edge. She tumbled down the side of the mountain head over heels. Over and over and over she went. Down the mountain to the hill below tumbling 1000's of feet and into the valley just above the town. She tried to stand briefly only to tumble and roll some more down into this creek and then, because she had enough speed, up and over a small hill. Down and down she went all the way into town rolling right down the middle of Main Street right throught the front door of the diner where everyone was sitting. She did a final 360 degree flip flop right onto a stool at the counter.

All who was in the diner were aghast at her entrance and no one knew who she was because they had never met her before.

But Roy Roundtree knew and he said aloud, "And I'll tell you one more thing about Yolanda!"

And Yolanda cleared her throat and yodeled...

"I'm an old lady toooooooooooooo!!" yodeling Yolanda yodeled.

Moral: Never make fun of people you haven't met before. They may just end up on a stool in your kitchen someday.

The End


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