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Theodore Thumbleweed by Kieto

Theodore Thumbleweed was the town of Thimbleville's only traveling thimble thalesman. He would thell thimbles door to door through rain, thleet, or thnow. And on the thide, he would thell thread. He had a theory that if could thell a thimble, then they would buy thread. Thome days, he would thell none, and other days, thold a few. It was tough making a living for he and his wife, Thea, in those early days of thelling thimbles.

One day, a man named Isaac Thinger, the inventor of the thewing machine using a needle came to town and bought thousands of thimbles and thread and Theodore Thumbleweed thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

He now had enough money to purthue his carrer as an entertainer. This was thomething he had dreamed about thince he a thmall boy. He went to the local theater and thold them that he wanted to try out for the local production, Thelma Thillie's Thanksgiving Dinner (A play written by Kieto Valentino). Because he was thso thin, he got the part of the old lady, Thelma Thillie which the tharring role. He was ecsthatic.

The play was a huge thuccess. As a matter of fact, one night, it just thso happened, there were some Hollywood producers in the audience and approached him about being the thar of Thelma Thillie's Thanksgiving Dinner which they were going to make into a movie. He leaped for joy and said yes.

Thso, Theodore and his wife Thea packed their thuitcases and moved out to Beverly. Beverly Hills that is. Thwimmin' pools and movie thars. Within thix months, the movie was completed and it was the night of the premier.

Theodore and his wife, Thea, pulled up in a thretch limo and people applauded as they thepped out onto the red carpet. He thigned autographs and gave thome interviews.

They entered the theatre and they noticed other movie thars were present. Thars like Kate Thudson, Thoby Maguire, the Olsen Thwins, Regis Thilbin, Julia Throberts and many more.

The lights thimmed and the movie began. The audience laughed, cried and in thome parts, applauded like school children at a birthday party.

When the movie ended, they thood up and gave Theodore a thanding novation.

He made thwenty movies in the next few years. With the millions he made from the movies, he and his wife, Thea, thettled in the hills overlooking Hollywood where he thspent the rest of his life writing his memoirs.

After much thought, Theodore Thumbleweed named his book...

'Thanks For The Thimbleries'.

The End


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