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Patty Cake The Lumberjack
by Kieto

Now this is a story about a lumberjack. A giant of a man he was with a heart of gold. Among the people of the lumbering town who knew him, knew they could count on him in any given circumstance.

His name was Patty Cake and when people were first introduced to him, it made them laugh, snicker or smile. Being 7 feet tall and all brawn, I can guarantee you that not too many people made fun of his name very long.

You could hear Patty Cake all day long yelling, "T I M B E R !" deep the surrounding forrests. He did this all day, everyday, for years. One day in late November, he was chopping down this 1000 foot tree and just as he was getting ready to yell T I M B E R, he noticed a birds nest far, far up in the tree. But because the tree was falling, he couldn't do anything about it until he saw that the nest was falling out of the tree as the tree was falling.

Patty Cake, having the heart of gold that he did, dropped his axe and ran to catch the falling nest. He dove for it and caught it just before it hit the ground. He noticed 3 little birdies chirping for their mommy. He smiled; turned; looked up and noticed that the tree was falling down on top of him. He stretched out his arm so the nest wouldn't get squashed, but he got squashed real good instead.

When the people of the lumber town arrived, they found him under the tree and the small nest with the birdies chirping for their mommy in his outstretched arm in his hand saving them from sure doom. They removed the tree that was on top of Patty Cake, and the birds nest from his hand. They placed the nest high up in a nearby tree. That's the way Patty Cake would have wanted it.

Then the people of the lumbering town decided to put a statue in honor of Patty Cake where he was squashed. So they all chipped in and had a famous sculpturest sculpt a beautiful 10 foot high likeness of Patty Cake with his axe over his right shoulder, one foot up on a log and a big smile on his face. In his left hand, the sculpter placed a birds nest with three birdies chirping for their Mommy as requested by the lumber towns people. The inscription on the statue read:

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Lumberjack man,
Chopped down trees as fast as you can,
For 7 feet tall you sure was blessed,
Got squashed by the tree when you saved a nest.

Now he's gone, he ain't no more,
And the way he lived, it was no chore,
When first we heard we all said, "My Gosh!",
Poor old Patty Cake, he just got squashed.

Of all the lumberjacks here and gone,
Patty Cake was the best and sure was all brawn,
He never liked to play any games,
And we never, ever made fun of his name.

Good bye Patty Cake!

When the little birdies got a little older, they gave their own special tributes to Patty Cake everyday by sitting on the his head.

The End.


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