The Library

Well, we know the Library is a place to read. This one certainly is 'cause ya can't take any books out. But when you come here, you have access to the USA Trip, The World Trip, The Worlds News (if you haven't had enough of that on TV), and of course, the Wacky Thursday stories.

Wacky Thursday was a day I thought was good for a silly, wacky story celebrating a day that isn't the start of the week, nor the middle of the week, and certainly not the beginning of the weekend yet. In my ezine, most every Thursday, you'd get a silly story. Some have said that they fell off their chair laughing. Some have said that they simply rolled their eyeballs and called it a groaner while others fainted after reading one.

Just click on one of the Wacky Stories below and enjoy. Let's start off with one our family of subscribers helped out with!

Sammy Snickersnack
Rowdy Ringnecked Rooster The Righteous Dude
Yodeling Yolanda
Big Dill Pickle and the County Fair
Hilarious Harold The Hitchhiking Fly

Patty Cake The Lumberjack
Theodore Thumbleweed
Little Old Joe
A Story...
Hop Along Cassidy:
The Mild Mannered Short Haired White Rabbitt

Fauntleroy Fingleweed The Bus Driver
Old Lady Buttermumbles
Piccolo Pete: Nose Extraordinarie

Yolanda Bambina, The Virtuoso

The Trial of the Century

More to come!



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