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The Pantry page contains a list of things you should have in your pantry, or cabinet. I hope it will help you in maintaining a better pantry at home. You will have the basic ingredients to create some of the most fantastic dishes known to mankind. If you see something that is not on the list that you like, add it to your pantry. After all, you are the master of your kitchen. These are the basics and not the rule! Experiment, test, taste and have some fun! You never know what you can create until you try!


Many of these ingredients can be grown in your own backyard and either frozen in a well sealed plastic bag, or placed on a cookie sheet to dry overnight.

* Regular Table Salt
* Kosher Salt
* Ground Pepper
* Fresh Pepper (pepper mil)
* Garlic Salt / Powder
* Onion Salt / Powder
* Celery Salt / Seed
* Basil (dried or fresh)
* Bay leafs
* Oregano (dried or fresh)
* Rosemary (dried or fresh)
* Thyme (dried or fresh)
* Sage (dried or fresh)
* Parsley (dried or fresh)
* Mint Leaves (dried or fresh)
* Tarragon
* Saffron as needed
* Paprika
* Chili Powder
* Red Pepper Flakes
* Dry Mustard
* Cumin
* Curry Powder
* Sugar
* Brown Sugar
* Nut Meg
* Ginger


These liquid ingredients below again are not the rule but just a few suggestions. Most of the ingredients are necessary items you do need in the kitchen!

* Red wine merlot/cabernet or a wine you like
* White wine chablis/chardonay or a dry and a sweet
* beer ( yes beer)
* Red wine vinegar
* White wine vinegar
* Balsamic vinegar
* Vegetable oil
* Olive oil virgin/extra virgin
* Peanut oil
* Canola oil
* Worchestershire
* Soy sauce
* Lemon juice fresh/bottled
* Lime juice fresh/bottled
* Hot sauce Durkees
* Liquid smoke
* Chicken broth
* Beef broth
* Vanilla extract
* Ketchup
* Mustard
* Horseradich
* Shortening
* Butter salted/unsalted
* Margarine
* Orange juice
* Brandy


Although there are many different types flours,rice and many different types of pastas, these might help you stock a better pantry.

These are just as important:
* Flour all purpose bleached self-rising * Seasoned bread crumbs or make your own * Corn meal * Corn meal flour * Yeast

* Rice (regular/ short grain)
* Alborio ( large grain)

All kinds of your favorite pastas and a good variety of them like:

* Spaghetti * Capellini (angel hair) * Mostaciolli * Fettuccini * Farfalle (bow tie) * Lasagna  



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