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Ziggys' Photo Album and recollections!

Now, Ziggy kept track of what she saw, who she met and where she went on our trip. Some of the details vary from the way I perceived the trip, but who you gonna believe? Me? Or Ziggy? You decide.

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slideshow image This is my photo album. Not any one elseís photo album. Although I am just a cat in many an eye, I am more than just a cat. I am Kietos' buddy, pal, and confidant and recently took a wacky tour of the world with him. These are my photos and this is my photo album. If you should find it somewhere, please return it to Kieto. Thank you and enjoy.
slideshow image The Wake Up - I really had a hard time waking Kieto up. But with a few whacks of my tail in his head, he got the message and fixed me some chow so we could get on the road. He told me we were going to hitchhike. I've never done that before but Kieto made a sign for me that read, "NEED RIDE". It must have worked because we got rides all the way to New York with no problem what so ever.
slideshow image When we got to New York, we walked through Time Square. Man, I almost got squashed a few times. I never saw so many people. I don't think they even new where there were going because it seemed most people were walking in circles. When we got to the airport, Kieto got in trouble because I slipped a can of tuna in his backpack and a beep went off when he went through this machine. Here I am standing in line. The guy in front of me was pickin' his nose the whole time. How gross!
slideshow image We had fun on the plane to London and once we got there, I had to see London Bridge. I remembered singing the song when I was little and didn't know it was for real. Kieto asked if I wanted to climb it and I said no. We took a boat to Limerick, Ireland. That's where we met Mrs. O'Leary.
slideshow image She took us home with her. God Bless her. She ran a home for homeless cats. That's where we met a cool dude cat named Sylvester. He was so funny. He could make up a funny limerick without missin' a beat. Heck, I didn't even know what a limerick was until he did one. Hehehe.
slideshow image We left Limerick and my new friends behind. We were supposed to land in Edinborough, Scotland but ended up in Barney Fife Land I think. No. It was Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland. I did a jig for everyone and met a goat and ate some Haggis. Yuck. You can have it. Not for me. I liked the goat though.
slideshow image When we got to Lisbon, Portugal, a man in some fancy pants at the door of the hotel would not let me in. They must be against cats or something. So Kieto dropped some tied sheets out the window for me to climb up. We saw that in a movie one time. We sure fooled them.
slideshow image This is a pic of the refried beans I ate on the way to Zaragoza, Spain. I didn't know they were instant refried beans. My tummy grew and grew until I almost blew the roof off the car Kieto rented. Boy was he upset. But they were good though.
slideshow image The first place we went to in Paris, France was the Eiffel Tower. Man, after all those refried beans, I had to go. I could not find a litter box anywhere so I went in a corner in the tower. 5 policemen saw me and drug me off to jail and a cold cell. Kieto had to find me and showed my picture around.
slideshow image Kieto came in to the courthouse just as I was being brought in. I was so glad to see him. After Kieto and the Judge exchanged a few words, I was sentenced to 15 minutes on a bidet. I didn't know what it was until I got there. Man, was that crazy.
slideshow image Here I am posing with the cops who arrested me. The one on the far right said he had a cat at home so he couldn't be all that bad.
slideshow image In Cairo, Egypt, I got to ride a camel. It wasn't hard to get up there and it was hot. We rode around for a long time. Then I wanted to see the pyramids. I am so embarrassed of what I did.
slideshow image I started running up the steps and blocks of the pyramid. Kieto was calling for me to stop but I didn't listen. When I got to the top, I got scared and froze. Kieto had to call a firetruck to get me down. It was so embarrassing.
slideshow image When we arrived in Sicily, Kieto wanted to meet his relatives so we took the donkey cart up the hill as far as it would take us. The donkey didn't care too much for me, and you know what? I didn't care for him either. I think he spit on me once but Kieto said Italian donkeys sweat a lot. I think I saw the donkey wink at me when he did it too.
slideshow image This is Giorgio Giuseppi Fernando Vazuela. He was a real swooner. He took me by the paw and ran off with me. We talked for hours about stuff. All kinds of stuff. I can't tell you what, but I'll say this. It was a lot of stuff. Then we got yelled at when we got back. So what! We had a good time.
slideshow image In Rome, there was this man being attacked by pigeons. He was finally carried off. To where, I don't know. But on the news that night, I heard he was somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio.
slideshow image Kieto took a picture of these four punk pigeons who were eyeing me up and down as they slurped water from a small fountain. They aren't kidding me. I know what they wanted. All of a sudden, these 4 punk pigeons came out of nowhere and tried to get me. They didn't have a chance. There were feathers flying everywhere.
slideshow image Then, I looked over and saw something that freaked me out. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this pigeon reading a book on how to catch an American cat. Let him try. Just let him try. Apparently, his friends didn't read the book.
slideshow image It was a little chilly to eat outdoors, but we ate this Italian pastry that was nice and hot called frappe or something. It was good.
slideshow image We stopped off in Heidleburg, Germany and met this gruff cat named Sergeant Bilko. He was all military. He showed us the way to Berlin. He calls every once in awhile now, but Kieto wants me to keep it short. I told him about Bowser Joe and he got jealous. Ce la vies I always say. I learned that while in Jail in Paris, France.
slideshow image We had such a good time in Berlin. That night, I met this girl who asked me to dance. I love to dance so I ditched Kieto for a little while and went dancin'. Hehehe. It was fun.
slideshow image I posed for Kieto by the plane in Warsaw. I almost got arrested for that too. Not allowed out there. You should have seen me run with the cops in pursuit.
slideshow image Once we were safe, Kieto and I took a real cool carriage ride around town. We rode and rode, sang songs and even waved to folks like we were royalty.
slideshow image I danced with the gypsies, I danced with the gypsies, I danced with the gypsies, I danced with the gypsies and it was soooo cool.
slideshow image We took a bus ride into Minsk and a fat lady sat on me when I was sleeping. But my pointy birthday hat I wore everywhere was strong enough to make her jump up and scream. She was real nice to me after that and she was nice and warm to sleep on.
slideshow image OK. Then, there was Minsk. This hotel we stayed in was the coldest, smelliest place I ever been. It was so dirty, I......
slideshow image ...had to take a bath. OK. Kieto, where's the water at? I'm a cat. I don't need a bath. I need to clean myself. But I'll think I'll wait till we get to Moscow.
slideshow image As if Moscow was any better. It was so cold, I saw a Russian dog stuck to a tree. Kieto and I had this Hot Chocolate and I had a bit too much. It had Vodka in it and I got a little, you know what, and ran out and right smack dab into a snowplow. The next day we left for Athens. Warm weather! I will clean myself there.
slideshow image I had Kieto snap this picture of me on the way into Athens. There's the beach in the background. I wanted to get something to eat.
slideshow image We were serenaded by a guy with a guitar. Now, you know I love to sing. But I think those people in Athens are tone deaf because the owner came over and asked me to stop. Kieto tried to console me but I didn't take it too well.
slideshow image We sat in this outdoor cafe for a long time I thought after the waiter took our order. He was nice, but for crying out loud, he was as slow as a snail. We ate mussels. As we sat there, I said, "Kieto, after 20 years, I am going to start calling you Pop. Is that OK?" He was really happy and said he had a surprise for me. What could it be?
slideshow image Oh my God. My debut at the oldest theater in the world! The Acropolis in Athens, Greece! There were several hundred people at the top listening and I sang my heart out. They all clapped and I cried like a dog. I mean a cat.
slideshow image We got to India and I made two friends. They told us their names were Amita, which means happy girl, and Ahladita which means, in a happy mood. They were fun and took us everywhere. We ate chicken at their family restaurant where there was a big party going on with their entire family.
slideshow image After the party was over, their cousin was tipsy I think because he was trying to get on this donkey to go home. It was so funny. After the party, Pop told Amita and Ahladita that I wanted to ride an elephant so they took us to their cousinsí elephant garage.
slideshow image The elephants took me around in a circle for a very long time. I had so much fun. I like to watch The Animal Planet and have seen them many times. But to actually ride one was an unbelievable experience.
slideshow image The only thing better than riding an elephant was getting to ride a dolphin in Singapore. I usually don't like water, but the dolphin told me that he would protect me. He didn't even let me near the water and dropped me off right on the dock. Cool. Yes, dolphins talk.
slideshow image OK. I can ride camels, elephants, dolphins, and everything else, but don't get me near fireworks. I was so scared, I hid in Pops backpack.
slideshow image In Australia, I met a lady kangaroo named Petey. If I was 5 years younger and part kangaroo, I surely would have been best friends with her. The next day...
slideshow image She hopped around with me in her pouch.
slideshow image I met my true love in Christchurch, New Zealand. His name was Bowser Joe and he was the cab drivers' cat who took us into town. I mean, it was love at first site. It wasn't in the cards though. And I tried to sneak him out in a backpack Pop bought me, but, it wasn't to be. We got caught. But we will write to each other and stay friends.
slideshow image Tokyo was a blast. No. I wasn't over the loss of my one true love, Bowser Joe, but, it was time to move on and we moved right on to the zoo. I met Ben the Panda bear. He saved me when I fell in the pit and gave me a paw up.
slideshow image I waltzed and waddled the penguins. Pop thought they were chasing me around. Actually, we played a little tag. You ever played tag with a penguin? It's the funniest thing you'll ever see. Everyone was cheering for the gang. That's what I called them.
slideshow image Pop took me to a Sushi Bar. I love fish. I love tuna. I love fish. I loved the smells. I was so hungry, I almost passed out. I picked the rice out of the sushi and just ate the fish. Yum! Pop was telling me the history of sushi. I didn't care. Just give me more sushi!
slideshow image We got to Honolulu and who was waiting for us? Rachel was holding a sign and there were my two buds, Ipo and Loke. I heard of them before, but this was the first time I met them. They were so cool. We went to the beach, ate peanut butter cookies and....
slideshow image SURFED!!!!! Usually, I am afraid of the water. But you haven't lived until you've ridden the high waves of the Pacific Ocean. I got a little wet and I even swallowed a little ocean. Hahaha. But I was alright. After that, we headed back to the airport and were off to Mexico City!
slideshow image I got to ride a horsey. He was big and kind of lumpy, but Pop insisted when he saw it just standing there in a field the day before. I told I didn't care, but he really thought I wanted to so I did. For several hours! I was hungry for refried beans. He said no. Not that and banned me from eating them again after what happened in Spain. I told him this was the land of the refried beans but that didn't work. He made me promise.
slideshow image After dinner, a bunch of girls took me to their school for a Mexican hat dance that was fun. Everything was great until I started to sing and thatís when they told me not to sing again. Another country full of music critics! Just what I need.
slideshow image Finally, we were home. It was a journey I will never forget. I made a lot of friends. We talked about stuff for a few hours at the St. Louis Arch until we headed home. I dropped my backpack and went straight to bed. I think I slept for 3 days.
slideshow image I hope you have enjoyed my photo album. I would have taken more pictures, but only brought one roll of film with me. Maybe next time, I will bring more so Pop can work all day and night putting another one together for me while I sleep. Hahaha. Watch it again. I did.

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