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Day 2: London, England

When we landed Heathrow Airport, I grabbed Ziggy and off we went. She was meowing like crazy and I asked her what the problem was. She looked at me and started coughing and gagging and threw up right there in the middle of Heathrow Airport. I cleaned her up in the bathroom and she was all right after that.

The first place we had to see was London Bridge. Of course, Ziggy had to have her picture taken.

Then we found a bench and sat down to look over the brochure we had. I remembered that when we saw Piccadilly Circus on TV, that really kept Ziggy's attention so I said, "Ziggy, have I surprise for you!" And off we went.

As I said yesterday, we had to get to the tube (subway) so we could go to Piccadilly Circus and walk up Shaftsbury Avenue or Coventry Street to the Trocadero, London's premier entertainment complex. Here, you'll be in sensory overload, as the complex is a shiny, shimmering universe of pulsing neon lights flashing to an urban beat.

Ziggy and I rode up and down the escalators in this neon wonderland and checked out all the shops, cinemas, cyber cafes, restaurants, video arcades, and exhibits such as Madam Tussaud's "Rock Circus." A carnival atmosphere prevails, and the place definitely is for the young or young-at-heart.

After riding up and down the escalators and wandering around the complex for several hours, we went into the Sweet Centre. Kid, or cat heaven! I'd never seen such a variety of candy - gummy animals of every conceivable species, indescribably shaped and flavored candies, yard-long licorice in dozens of flavors; candy teeth, candy lips, jawbreaker eyeballs and any other body part you'd care to name rendered in confection; marshmallow sharks, chocolate dinosaurs, jelly babies, gumdrop dwarves, and jelly beans in a hundred flavors. Taste bud overload! We filled a bag with some of the most peculiar and appealing sweets.

But before we left, we stopped off at the bar by the front door and had this drink called Black Licorice. So I got the recipe... hehehe. If ya don't drink, that's OK. Give it to a friend. I'd give ya the recipe for the candy, but it's easier to just buy it.

By the way, Ziggy had no problem slurping this from a bowl.

Black Licorice Recipe

(2 servings)

4 oz sambuca
8 oz. Pepsi cola

Pour both ingredients into a shaker and stir. Don't shake. Pour into a highball glass filled with ice cubes and serve. Relax and enjoy. Don't give any to your pet. I was just kidding about her slupping it from a bowl. Ziggy threw a fit when I insisted she use a straw so she didn't get any.

Tomorrow, we arrive in Limmerick, Ireland. You won't believe what Ziggy did on the boat! Also, what a special treat we had at the O'Leary home for stray Irish Cats. Irish Stew with Mint Sour Cream! WOW!

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