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These games were a big hit for years on my other site. I brought them over here for your entertainment. I love the darts game, but thats me. Have fun!

Find The Words! Just like in the newspaper! A puzzle to make you find the words amonst a maze of letters. Raku is a game where you have to use strategy. Figure out the quickest way to change all the colors to one.
3 games on one page. These were some on the first games you could play on the net. The Roman Jizsaw Puzzle. You have to like puzzles to play this one cause it will drive you nuts.
NEW Calorie Kids Space Run. Save the kids from certain doom with a rocket ship. How quick is your eye? The Shell Game will certainly test your eyes.

Crateman. This little fellow has a lot of work to do. See if you can help him by getting him where he belongs. Are you good with words? The Thesarus Word Game will test your knowledge and the speed of your brain.
My favorite game, Darts. Just follow the directions. My personal best for 301 is 8 darts. NEW Like the Thesarus Game, Topic Tangle is a fun game that tests your knowledge of words.
Find the Dog Bone in this game in as few trys as possible. Pic-n-Pair is just what it says. This is a tough one cause you only have a certain amount of time to find the pair.

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