Click the Old TV Set next to the title of the video. Your default player should play the video. I hope this helps and hope you enjoy and get a laugh or two out of them.
The Parking Lot
Practical Joke
Field Test
Japanese Baby
Sand Sculptures
Disco Dog
Patches The Horse
Homeland Security
Mother of the Year
Germans Coast Guard
Don't Mess with Granny
Talking Dogs
The Wedding Choppers
The Ladder Accident
Monkey in the Trunk 1
Monkey in the Trunk 2
Monkey in the Trunk 3
Bird for Christmas
Old Fashioned Fun
The Wrong Xmas Gift
Kissing Prank
Water Bill
Baseball Prank
Baggage Compartment
Lady Saves Chicken
You Can Dance
The Way it Was
A Not So Good Day
Dog Chases Smart Cat
Awesome Bird
No.1 Hit In Tassie
Snow Slide
Snowplow On Da News
Bird Dance
Boogie Dance
Daddys Little Girl
How to Shoot a Bow
Lays Potato Chip Commercial




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