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Fun pages with music, jokes and stuff to make you laugh, reflect, or both!

Here is the fun section. Eventually, it will have tons of jokes, silly polls, and more. But thats not all. Visit the US Civil War Presendtation, The Our Unviverse Page and fly around in outer space, and then come back and listen to some nutty songs I wrote. Enjoy.

The Game Room - Here's where all the games are. There's checkers, darts, find a word, and ton's of other games to keep you going. If I said it once, I've said it a thousand times.... ooops... I forgot what I was saying. Enjoy.
The Comedy Club Page - There's tons of laughs, jokes, crazy stuff and even a few surprises. This section is a place to come to get away from it all. I will be adding more jokes as time allows so check back from time to time.
US Civil War Presentation - I added this a few months ago. If you are into history, then, you will love this. If you are not into history, this may just help you to reflect things in your own life. It is a time in the history of the US that it was divided. There are pictures, music, and reading material there to take you back to that time. Enjoy.
Our Universe - The Final Frontier. Sit back and enjoy photos taken from the Hubble Telescope. Listen to The Planets by Gustav Holst. What an experience. Enjoy.
He's A Trashman! I am a procrastinator and I only empty my trash when I have to. Don't ask me why. I missed the trashman again and I wrote the words and music to this song. Maybe if I sing it once in awhile, it will make me empty the trash more often.It's funny! He's A Trashman! I'm doin triple duty here singing a 3 way harmony at the end. I hope you get a kick out it.
For All I Had Was Ffifty Cents! Now here's a funny poem that will put a smile on your face! I wrote the music to this cute ditty. The words were written back in the late 1800's. Mom gave me an old joke book years ago. I found the poem and set it to music. There was a tune written to it and it was a big hit back then. I like my redition better. What do you think? Listen while you read and you can laugh aloud!
This Is Karens Phone Number. My neighbor and friend Karen lives a few doors away. I call her every once in awhile to see what's up. She's always busy cause she's never home. So I leave a message. She works all the time too. Anyway, I was calling her one day and noticed the tones that were made when pushing the buttons on the phone so I wrote a song using thos tones. I still laugh when I hear it.
My Neighbors Dog Song! Do you have a barking dog around where you live? Man oh man. I have one! Her name is Sadie, and she is a beautiful, golden labrador retriever. I always give her a bone every once in awhile. But she gets on my last nerve sometimes. I sat in my chair and listened for a few moments trying to compose myself. I think I'll compose a song with a beat about this dog. So I did.
Ask Ziggy Anything on a Bad Day! Ziggy, like most of us, has a bad day every once in awhile. When you go to this page, anytime, day or night, and ask her anything, you will get a smart cat-alec answer. You'll also get to hear her Yodeling Cat Rap Song she and I did. She wrote it though.
Funny Videos! Every once in awhile, my friends send me funny videos or I find some while I am surfing the net. Here's a few I found really cool and funny.

Just use the drop down on the right of the TV to select your video.



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