My Neighbors Dog Song
by Kieto

Do you have a barking dog around where you live? Man oh man. I have one! Her name is Sadie, and she is a beautiful, golden labrador retriever. I always give her a bone every once in awhile. But she gets on my last nerve sometimes. It seems like the barks are dog-timed and they go off every 3 or 4 seconds. All day and all night. My neighbors leave her outside sometimes all night. I've said something to them before. Things like, "Man, don't you hear Sadie barking all night long?" And, "I'm going nuts over here!" And, "I think Sadie needs some type of therapy."

She barked all day and night Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday. Yesterday, I had enough and called her over to the fence and spoke to her. I said, "Sadie, I love you but you're getting on my last nerve. If you don't nip the barking, I won't give you any more bones." She just looked at me with those big browns. As I turned, she barked. I snapped around and said, "OK! If the threat of no more bones isn't gonna cure you, I guess the balls in my court!" That was followed by two more barks before I shut the door. Then it was back to the timed barks.

I sat in my chair and listened for a few moments trying to compose myself. I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder if Sadie is singing a song and is keeping a beat. Hmmm. Compose. Hmmm. Beat. I think I'll compose a song with a beat about this dog. So I did. Want to hear it? Here it goes.



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