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Day 8 -Cairo, Egypt
I'm dreaming that I am lying on a bank of a river. A warm breeze brushes by face. It feels good. A smile comes across my face. It feels good. I slowly open my eyes for I am slowly coming out of my dream. It's not a warm breeze. It's Ziggys' tail. It hits me right in the kisser. Not only does her tail hit me, but it hits me that we're in Cairo, Egypt and Ziggy is ready to go go go.

"Hey Ziggy," I said, "Before we head on down to the Pyramids, we need to get something to eat. I wonder what Egyptians eat for breakfast. I guess we'll find out!"

We headed down to the lobby and out the door of the hotel and looked for someone to ask where a good place to have breakfast. A fellow walking up the street was glad to point us in the right direction. It was super!

In Egypt, the typical breakfast consists of tea and foul, or beans, bread and cheese or eggs and jam. Sweet pastries such as halawa and baklava also may be eaten at breakfast.

There was this little place off the beat and path and they welcomed us with open arms. We didn't have to wait or even order. They brought out this food I wasn't used to, but it was so good. I asked for the recipe and here it is.

Fuul Midammis

(Dry Broad beans, stewed)

2 cups dry broad beans
1/2 cup split lentils
1 hand crushed peeled tomato
1 diced carrot
2 chopped green onions

Place beans and lentils in stewing pot with at least three times their measure in water.

Boil over quick flame, then add any or all the optional vegetables.

Bring to boil, cover very tightly, and simmer over very slow flame for 6-9 hours, or overnight, adding more boiling water whenever the water is absorbed and beans are dry (cold water will shrivel the beans, change the taste, and make them hard). This is the basis of Fuul Midammis.

Then mash the beans with oil (cottonseed, olive, linseed, or corn oil), lemon, salt, and any of the following ingredients: crushed garlic, grated onions, chopped tomatoes, and cumin.

Hardboiled eggs, onions soaked in vinegar, and mixed pickles are always eaten with local bread.

A quicker but less attractive way to cook Fuul is to use a pressure cooker. Though the taste of the beans will remain the same, the color tends to turn much darker.

Buon appetito!

After breakfast, we headed to the pyramids. We walked until we saw some men with camels. I asked Ziggy if she wanted to take a camel ride instead of walking and I didn't have to ask twice. We hopped aboard and off we went.

Along the way, she asked me if I would take a pic for her album and of course, I oblidged. Here it is.

When we got to the pyramids, she was so excited, she started climbing the biggest one there. The Great Pyramid of Giza. I yelled for her to come back, but she wouldn't listen. She got all the way to the top with no problem. But she was scared to come back down. So, I had to call a firetruck with a hook and ladder to get her down.

Once we got her down, she jumped into my arms shaking. She didn't even want to ride the camels back to town. I told her we had to leave for Palermo, Sicily in a few hours and that was ok with her.

Walking back, she said that the pyramids looked much smaller on TV and that she promises to not climb anything again.

Tomorrow, we visit Montelepre, Sicily just outside of Palermo to visit my relatives. Ziggy falls in love. He was a Sicialian gigilo cat. I tried to explain to Ziggy that he was no good for several obvious reasons, but she wouldn't listen.... AGAIN!

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