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Chef Kieto's Dry Rub Seasoning Recipe

Kieto's Family Fun Center
Chef Kieto Valentino’s Secret Dry Rub Recipe & BBQ Seasonings: The Italian Musician, Former Restaurant Owner & TV Cooking Show Host showcases his family recipes & music! Join the Kitchen Club for just $10 and receive the dry rub recipe along with 25 super recipes using it; Kieto's Grandfather Secret Sicilian BBQ Sauce recipe and 25 Italian Cookie recipes. The Kitchen Club is loaded with all kinds of things other than recipes the whole family can enjoy. Click Here to Join today!

Kieto's Dry Rub Seasoning - Italian Cookie Recipes - Sicilian BBQ Sauce Recipe

dry rub seasoning

The Kitchen Club is a wonderful place to kick back and get the best recipes, including my secret ingredients for my dry rub seasoning including 25 recipes using the rub. Besides the spice rub, there's my Sicilian BBQ Sauce Recipe. You'll get 10 other super BBQ recipes. There are 25 recipes for Italian Cookies, Low-Fat and Low-Cal recipes, recipes for Diabetics, and so many more. There's music, jokes, games and a whole lot more. All with absolutely no advertisements and all for just $10. Read more and Sign-Up. Or, Join Now. Username and Password will be sent to you.

Kieto's Italian Favorites - Italian Popular Music

Italian Music Favorites

My Italian CD, "Italian Favorites" is finished and ready to be shipped to you. It includes songs like, Oh Sole Mio, Arrivederci Roma, Ce La luna, Eh Cumpari, Torna Surriento, a very special Italian Song I wrote called, Splende La Luna and many more. $14.95 includes shipping and handling. Click the Pay Pal button below to receive this wonderful collection of Italian Favorites. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for CD to arrive. Click here for a quick listen.

Chef cooking in the kitchen with Kieto's Recipes. has been around for over 10 years and was conceived out of a labor of love focusing on the family. There are so many things here at to see, hear and do. There is fun for the entire family both young and old.

What's new? Click on the Recipes link above in the Site Map for a brand new section of You can share recipes with each other, grab recipes for tonights dinner or just get some great ideas for meals anytime of day. It's free to join and extremely easy.

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Money saving coupons

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